Innovate Textile & Apparel Asia 2020, 5.–6 Mai 2020

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05 May 2020 – 06 May 2020 (Singapore)
Digitalisation Comes Of Age In Textiles and Apparel

Innovate Textile & Apparel (ITA) arrives in Asia for the first time in April 2020. Over two days, key players in the industry will gather in Singapore to discuss the next wave of opportunities in the global textile and apparel manufacturing community. ITA leaves no stone unturned, from emerging manufacturing technologies, to innovations in materials and digital transformation business strategies being explored.

Textile 4.0 Conference is the most significant gathering of key opinion leaders seeking to implement the principles of Industry 4.0 in textile & apparel manufacturing.

Re:Think Materials is a forward-looking conference for innovators in materials, from fibres to the finished fabric. It sees beyond today’s state of the art to identify the big advances that are just over the horizon.

Program overview (Textile 4.0 & Re:Think Materials):

Evolution of digital supply chain

Digitalisation is an evolutionary process that will transform supply chains in many ways beyond simple data. Within textile and apparel manufacturing, the biggest trends in supply chain are speed to market, optimising inventory and transparency etc. In this session we will gain insights on how supply chain giant Amazon is impacting the traditional textile and apparel sector, and how digitalisation can enable more visibility in the supply chain by bringing suppliers closer to brands. Successful businesses need to move away from manual, siloed processes and make the move to digital systems.

BlockchainIn today’s demand economy, opaque supply chains could be disadvantageous for manufacturers and brands. Gartner’s ‘top supply chain technology trends for 2019’ identifies blockchain technology as an answer to address issues around traceability and efficiency play. In this session, we will share use cases to help delegates distinguish between hype and the core competence of blockchain.

End-to-end process optimisationDigitalisation is disrupting business models across industries. This session will share experiences of end-to-end digitalisation, either through parallel implementation of a new process or embedding digitalisation in existing processes. Use cases will share how digital transformation can impact business models, from material selection to end product.

Mixed realitiesThere is a new dimension to the textiles business model, which can both engage users and deliver an immersive and imaginative experience to foster the development of futuristic textiles. This session will give insight into the use of augmented and virtual reality in manufacturing processes and product development.

The smart textiles market overviewThis session will share insights into the global scenario of smart textiles (conductive fibres and smart clothing) excluding wearables. The session will also share the potential challenges of the wonder material graphene and strategies to bring graphene into the textile sector, along with examples of how graphene can be used in smart textiles.

Digital experience in performance market

Wearables such as smart watches for fitness tracking and health monitoring are now commonplace, with brands including Fitbit and Apple reporting strong sales. This session will shed light on how these digital products are becoming integrated with our textiles and clothing in the performance wear sector and how they are impacting the daily lives of wearers. Presentations will share consumer expectations, the importance of data in product development, and what’s driving the market adoption of smart clothing.

e-textiles standardisation, compliance and Intellectual property

As smart textiles are moving towards the mass market, it’s important to offer a level playing field for all market entrants. This session will give a roadmap of how businesses in the smart textiles domain can protect their intellectual property and utilise the international IPC e-textiles standards in their product development.

IoT as an enabler for smart clothing

Creating meaningful interactions from consumer data in a holistic way is the way forward for smart clothing. This session will share use cases of how clothing could unlock service models.

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